Your Affiliate Program

For Qualified Retailers, Publishers, and Museums with Websites Only.


California Watercolor is proud to announce our online affiliate program. We want to partner with your company in an attempt to bring qualified customers to Here's how it works. We provide you with a user ID and password. This allows you to log-in to the affiliate section of our website. We then provide you with an affiliate link that lands somewhere on our website. We track your link with Omnistar’s sophisticated marketing software (read more).


You receive 20% of any sale generated by your link. We handle all product costs, drop shipping, and customer fulfillment. Thank you for your help in promoting California Watercolors and American art history.



Program Benefits

  1. Earn a Commission For Each Sale you Refer.

  2. We Provide all marketing materials.

  3. Easily Access Your Clicks and Commissions.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will I receive my commission checks?

    We pay commission checks on the first day of every second month.

  2. Where can I advertise

    Please use your company website to advertise your custom affiliate link. You can also advertise your link in emails, newsletters, blogs or forums, and via your social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.).

  3. Can I use my affiliate link in multiple areas of my website, etc.?

    Yes, you can paste your affiliate link in as many places as you'd like.

  4. Will I receive assistance getting started?

    Yes, please contact your administrator with any questions you may have. In addition, we would be happy to develop a custom banner ad to use on your website.